ProcDump 1.62 Thorough IDB

Originally published October 7, 2007 on OpenRCE

After some deliberation, I have decided to release my thorough IDB for ProcDump 1.62 Finalwhich is substantially more detailed than the original ASM source code itself.  If you care to study it, you can learn a great deal about coding dynamic reversing tools and static reversing.  

At the time I analyzed this, in late 2003, it was the largest binary that I'd attempted.  My analysis style was somewhat immature and sporadic, and so you shouldn't try to emulate anything you see inside of it.  (It took another six months after this to perfect my static technique.)

I hope that the ProcDump authors aren't upset about this; after all, ProcDump is nine years old and has since been succeeded by ImpRec, OllyDump, NTICEDUMP, etc.  Greets to the ProcDump team, and thanks for their valuable contribution (which ultimately shaped the direction of dynamic tools for years to come).