We like to give back to the community that has given us so much.  Accordingly, we publish a lot of research.  Here is a taxonomy of the research done by Rolf Rolles and Möbius Strip Reverse Engineering, sliced and diced in various ways.  (Note that there is some redundancy in the lists below, as several research topics fall under multiple designations.)

The Best of the Below

Program Analysis

Much of the following is summarized in two of Rolf Rolles' speeches, "Program Synthesis in Reverse Engineering" (the NoSuchCon 2014 keynote speech), and "The Case for Semantics-Based Methods in Reverse Engineering" (the RECON 2012 Keynote Speech with accompanying video).  See also:  Program Analysis Training.


The Art of Disassembly

Thorough reverse engineering workproducts, demonstrating how reverse engineering ought to be done.  See also:  Reverse Engineering Training.

Tool Development

We have developed a program analysis framework, Pandemic, against which numerous tools have been developed (all of the entries under the Program Analysis heading above).  Rolf Rolles was, for a time, the lead and sole developer on Zynamics (née SABRE Security) BinDiff and VxClass.  Additionally, we have published several small, helpful scripts, tools, and publications on reverse engineering tool development:

Academic Papers and Book Contributions

General Reverse Engineering Publications

Malware Analysis


Community Participation