SMT-Based Binary Program Analysis Course Sample: X86 Assembly/Disassembly

Möbius Strip Reverse Engineering is pleased to offer a representative sample of its new course offering on SMT-based binary program analysis.  The first public offering of this course is the week of September 21st, 2015 in Northern Virginia; see the link for details.

The sample is meant to demonstrate the lecture format, the nature of the code provided in the course, and the nature of the exercises done throughout the class.  Accordingly, the course sample consists of four components:

  • Lecture slides, describing every facet of the x86 instruction set, and the process of assembling and disassembling it.
  • Python code for an entire x86 assembler and disassembler suite.  It is heavily documented, with accompanying external HTML documentation, and thorough test suites.
  • The implementation manual, which describes the design philosophy behind each module of the code.  Additionally, the first chapter is an introduction to Python to assist those familiar with other programming languages.
  • The exercise manual, which contains two varieties of exercises.  
  1. Hand-written exercises involving encoding and decoding X86 instructions and their operands.
  2. Programming exercises involving completing portions of the Python code.  As with all programming exercises in the course, the student can check their progress by running the provided, comprehensive test suites.

We at Möbius Strip Reverse Engineering hope you find this material educational and valuable.